Seattle-based Surefield, a residential real estate brokerage, launched a free online tool for consumers to help them accurately price homes.

The new tool Pricepoint makes it easier for consumers to find outliers that skew results, giving them control of analyzing and assessing the comparable homes.

Pricepoint identifies similar homes that have recently sold in a specific area to help calculate the value of a home based on the price per square foot. The home values are based on MLS data. The tool also analyzes nearby comparable homes for sale to assess the competition.

It is available for houses, condos and townhomes in Washington state.

“Pricepoint helps automate another key step in the residential real estate transaction. When consumers educate themselves about the local real estate market and are armed with accurate data, it saves everyone a lot of time and hassle,” said Rob McGarty, Surefield’s managing broker and chief operating officer.

“Pricepoint aligns sellers and agents so the home is priced right from the start, and allows buyers to quickly determine a home’s true value and competition,” he added.