Wait, the San Francisco mummy house sold for how much?!?!?

Mummified corpse found in home didn’t turn buyers away

In case you were wondering just how crazy the real estate market in San Francisco is right now, we present the San Francisco mummy house as Exhibits A, B and C.

Exhibit A: In July, the mummified corpse of a homeowner was found in a Lake District Victorian house for sale in San Francisco. Apparently the homeowner’s daughter was living in the house and was a hoarder.

Exhibit B: According to a report from Curbed San Francisco, the house also had rats, black widows, mold, and hundreds of bottles of urine inside it when it went up for sale.

Exhibit C: Neither previous exhibits, nor the listing price of the house, $928,000, kept buyers away.

In fact, not only did the mummy house sell for asking price, it sold for WELL above asking price.

How much more than asking price? More than $500,000.

According to the Curbed report, the mummy house sold for $1.56 million.

And apparently the house is actually worth more than that.

From Curbed:

When the house first began making headlines, realtor Kevin Birmingham told the Chronicle that the place was easily a $2.5 million property once it had undergone an overhaul. That seemed like a stretch for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house, but now that we know the purchase price for the unrenovated version, we can easily imagine a $2.5 million home with plenty of flat fireplaces. The upper level is currently unfinished, so whoever bought this place will have room to renovate. We expect to see it back on the market faster than you can say boo.

So you might even say this house is coming back from the dead. Too soon? Too soon.

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