How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to live in the heart of New York City? One apartment dweller in New York City traded in the luxury of even having a window to live within walking distance of the city’s best attractions at an affordable price. Per the New York Post:  

Despite only being 100-square-feet, the article explained that Grayson Altenberg, a chef at Lincoln Ristorante, moved into the tiny apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for just $1,100, which is unheard in the area where a studio goes for an average of $2,844 per month.  

Like many young New Yorkers, Altenberg sees his apartment as a crash pad, and is planning to spend most of his free time out. “I don’t need a living room,” he says. “I don’t intend on spending that amount of time at home. My living room is Central Park.” (The park is a block and a half away.)

But he does acknowledge the pitfalls of small-space living, like the fact that he has to eat sitting on his bed, and that he needs to buy a curtain to serve as the bathroom door. He half-jokes: “There are things I am living without . . . like a chair.”

Check out the article for a video of tour of how Altenberg manages to live in the tiny abode.

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