Police in Manatee County, Florida, arrested the suspect in an attempted rape of a Realtor at a home showing on Monday.

Investigators said that the suspect is Bruce Anthony Kotter, 63. They caught him on Tuesday afternoon, and he faces charges of kidnapping and attempted sexual battery.

Detectives think Kotter may have targeted a second female real estate agent about an hour after he attacked the first one. HousingWire is getting more details on the specifics of that attack.

In the first assault, a Realtor in Florida said that a man posing as a client attacked and tried to rape her, but her quick thinking and training allowed her to escape.

She admits she didn’t follow some protocols, such as getting a copy of his license and not going alone.

The Realtor, 69, was showing the home, when Kotter allegedly called her into the bathroom under the ruse that he wanted to show her that the toilet was leaking.

That’s when he attacked her, police say.

The Realtor said Kotter slammed her into a wall during the attack and screamed sexually explicit profanities.

Soon as she could get loose, she fled, and got out before he could sexually assault her.

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