Court documents from the bankruptcy file of Curtis Jackson, also known as the rapper 50 Cent, show that he was spending $72,000 a month to maintain a home that has already housed other famous bankruptcies. Per MarketWatch:

Jackson’s megamansion in Farmington, Connecticut boasts nine kitchens, 21 bedrooms and a casino, and was formerly the home of Mike Tyson. The boxer also went bankrupt while living in the 52-room house.

And Tyson wasn’t the only one. Even the person who the mansion was originally created for in 1985, Benjamin Sisti, founder of Connecticut commercial real-estate brokerage firm Colonial Realty, later went to prison for bankruptcy fraud.

So what was so lavish about this house and its expenses?

Jackson’s document filings reveal some of his monthly housing expenses include gardening at $5,000 a month and household supplies at $1,500 a month. Other miscellaneous expenses were:

  • Wardrobe: $3,000
  • Meals and entertainment: $3,000
  • Personal grooming: $1,000
  • Security and protection: $9,000