Real estate service provider Green River Capital released a new tool to allow people who are investing in the single-family rental bond market to spy on their collateralized properties and the people who touch them.

The Rental Asset Management & Performance works this in many ways. For one, investors can monitor both the property managers and the performance of tenants, with the new service.

The "intelligent surveillance engine," as Green River calls it, collects and standardizes the data of more than 100,000 properties for institutional buyers being monitored by the company.

RAMP will offer clients a monthly summary of the property that can be customized to provide both loan and property level details. 

 “RAMP is fully operational; its surveillance tools give all stakeholders a granular view of their portfolios allowing them to see performance of individual properties within large and diverse portfolios,” said Tim Reilly, president of Green River Capital.

Some of the data includes number of units, vacancy rates, debt payments per property, gross potential and actual income, expenses and net monthly income. This data can be used to show which properties are generating sufficient rental income to meet monthly costs.