[Editor's note: The article headline was correted to say SoCal. The origanal headline said the fourplex was located in Florida]

In the latest story on tiny homes, a 1920s, one-story South Shaffer Cottages fourplex is in hot demand after being renovated above and beyond what most people would do. Per the OC Register:

When Hugh Siler purchased the fourplex in 2011, he paid $585,000, the article explained.

It was in sad shape. Some apartments lacked heat. One kitchen had no hot water. On his first day as owner, Siler said, he nearly fell through a rotting bathroom floor.

The apartments now have renovated kitchens with 1920s-style apartment-sized stoves, avocado-colored counter stools from a 1930s Woolworth’s in Fullerton, and small, restored 1940s refrigerators, complete with tiny ice boxes that would fit, perhaps, a single frozen dinner.

The article stated that the cottages, which have air conditioning and heating, rent for about $1,500 per month, on par with other pricey areas embracing the micro-housing trend.

“People will pay a premium to live in Old Towne Orange,” said Siler, who owns a marketing company in addition to investing in real estate.

He has a waiting list.

Right now there is a growing demand for tiny homes, but not everyone shares the same love for living in tiny spaces. Check out the link for a humorous blog from someone adamantly against them.