Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MTG) announced Friday that it will now serve as the exclusive provider of mortgage insurance rates for Mortgage Mapp’s mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Mapp is an app that allows loan officers to turn their smartphones into “referral magnets” and build strategic client relationships with industry specific tools such as the mortgage calculator, pre-approval request and other features.

Under the agreement, MGIC will provide mortgage insurance rates to Mortgage Mapp’s mortgage calculator, which is part of Mortgage Mapp’s mobile application for loan officers.

“MGIC continues to be a leader in the mortgage insurance industry,” said Ben Brashen, Mortgage Mapp's chief executive officer.

"Mortgage Mapp is thrilled by the opportunity to work with them,” Brashen added. “This partnership provides Mortgage Mapp customers and their clients with an incredibly powerful addition to their personalized mortgage app.”

Jay Hughes, MGIC's senior vice president of sales and business development, said that using Mortgage Mapp helps loan officers stand out in today’s competitive market.

“Mortgage Mapp's app accomplishes just that by making the loan officer accessible to consumers and Realtor partners by providing accurate, up-to-date information right on their phones,” Hughes said. “Adding MGIC's basic rates to the Mortgage Mapp calculator further enhances the depth of information available through the tool.”