A mummified corpse of the homeowner was found in a Lake District Victorian house for sale in San Francisco, according to an article from SocketSite.

The article explained that the homeowner’s daughter, who was living in the house, was a hoarder.

Despite all this, the home still received a bid of $1 million, and the final price could go higher.

As the mother’s death was never reported, the sale will require court confirmation.  And while the $1,029,500 bid for the house has tentatively been accepted, interested parties will have an opportunity to bid higher at the probate hearing for the estate, the date for which has yet to be scheduled.

This story might give more perspective on just how crazy the city's bidding war problem is. According to Redfin, San Francisco's property bidding wars are nearly at 100%, rising from 88% last year to 94%, with 32% of homes selling over the asking price.