Chicago Real Estate Daily, a Crain’s publication, says that Redfin is posting inaccurate ratings on some schools, which could potentially turn some buyers away from the neighborhoods around them.

Here’s the story:

That's a problem because schools are a deciding factor for many home shoppers, and they often use sites like Redfin and Zillow to screen out homes even before they call a broker.

Redfin doesn't rate schools itself but posts data from the nonprofit school-rating group GreatSchools, which grades schools 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible grade. In many cases, the ratings posted on Redfin differ from the actual ratings that GreatSchools lists on its website.

That's what worries Brian Grossman, an @properties agent in Lincoln Park. Redfin listings for homes in the neighborhood served by William H. Prescott Elementary School, 1632 W. Wrightwood Ave., show the school receives a rating of 5, when its true rating is 8, according to the GreatSchools website.

"If you're a young couple looking online for a house and Redfin pulls up a 5 out of 10 for the local school, you might cross that house off the list of homes you tell your agent you want to see," Grossman said. ”And you'll probably even stop looking at any others in that neighborhood. Then if you found out the school really got an 8 but Redfin has it wrong, maybe you've missed out on a neighborhood that could have been right for you.”

It's not a question of whether GreatSchools' rating system is valid, but simply a problem of Redfin inaccurately reporting data from its own source. Similar gaps, sometimes but not always as big, show up for numerous other Chicago-area schools.

A new article will be created with comments from Redfin when they respond.