Indianapolis-based Stonegate Mortgage (SGM) introduced its new third-party origination portal called TPO Connect to offer third-party originators greater access and control over their loans.

“TPO Connect offers new features that make it easier for clients to manage their pipeline and to view individual loans by their current status,” said R. Douglas Gilmore, chief information officer for Stonegate Mortgage and one of the lead architects of Stonegate Connect.

“We sought client input to design a custom product that effectively meets their needs. We are forming a client product council in order to continually enhance the functionality of TPO Connect as market changes dictate,” continued Gilmore.

The new platform allows investors to participate with indirect access and transparency in the residential real estate market.  

Users are now able to view individual loans at each status level, with loan information that is accessible from any location within the portal.

Delegated correspondents will see a streamlined process, with automated diligence and improved time to purchase.

Additionally, the product was designed to be dynamic across all mobile devices. 

“We are excited for the external launch of this transformational product in the mortgage space. It establishes Stonegate as a leader in bringing private capital investment back to the residential real estate market. In an industry focused on the consumer, TPO Connect goes one step further, connecting originators with investors,” said Jim Cutillo, CEO of Stonegate Mortgage.