What does it do for a home’s value to find out your house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? And how would you feel if you found this out after 20 years owning it?

One couple can tell you.

A Shorewood family has been living in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for 20 years and never knew it.

“It was quite a shock,” said homeowner Pat Wisialowski.

Wisialowski and her husband, Roger, bought the two-bedroom house on Newton Avenue in 1993 after their children went to college.

“This is a little overwhelming,” Pat Wisialowski said. “It just sort of confirms, you know, my family and friends kind of always thought it was very special. A very special home, so it’s nice.”

She said they want to preserve the house and want people to appreciate it. She said they might consider selling the house.

Mike Lilek, curator at Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin, confirmed the house was designed by Wright. He said the home is an exact match to a drawing in the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives.

The house was constructed in 1917 as an American System-Built house -- a venture Wright undertook to make well-designed houses affordable.