A real estate agent in Ottawa who lured his wife into his garage and hit her twice in the head with a baseball bat was found guilty of attempted murder this week.

Chris Hoare, 45, plead not guilty to attempted murder, aggravated assault and choking, but plead guilty to assault with a weapon.

The bench verdict was guilty on all counts.

Hoare testified that he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and had kept it hidden from his wife. He claimed under oath that he hit his wife with the bat not to kill her, but rather to injure her so she would not go shopping and discover the depths of their financial situation.

According to media reports, Hoare displayed no obvious reaction to the verdict. The family of his Hoare's wife, Kirsten Côté, cried tears of relief after Wadden said "guilty."

During the trial, it was revealed that Hoare drove their children to school and returned home, telling Côté that he had a present waiting for her in the garage. He told her to close her eyes and then struck her in the head with a bat.

 She pleaded for him to stop and got outside the garage where a neighbor intervened and helped her.