San Francisco-based Parkside Lending, a national wholesale and correspondent lender, is now offering Federal Housing Administration-backed mortgages.

“By offering FHA loans, we are able to support a larger percentage of our clients’ business and broaden homeownership opportunities for qualified borrowers,” said Matthew Ostrander, chairman and CEO of Parkside Lending. “We will deliver the same great customer experience with FHA loans that our clients have become accustomed to with our suite of Conforming, Jumbo and Non-QM loans.”

FHA products are designed to help creditworthy lower and moderate income individuals and families buy or refinance a home. However, there is a downside to the borrower in that mortgage insurance is currently required for the life of the loan. FHA-proponents argue, though, that this incentivizes borrowers to refi into the private mortgage market later down the line, thereby helping to maximize borrower's credit options.

FHA loans offer greater flexibility in terms of borrower qualifications including lower minimum down-payment requirements, not dissimilar to products currently offered via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.