Will this $69 door-security solution halt REO break-ins?

Armor Concepts jams the jamb

Vandalism and break-ins can be a big problem for investor-owned and REO portfolios, and one former home flipper developed a solution after he realized that alarm systems don’t really offer any protection.

Alan Young, chairman and CEO of Armor Concepts, along with his partners created, through a lengthy trial-and-error process, the EZ Armor product.

“We were flipping properties a few years back and they kept getting broken into,” Young said. “This is the third generation of the door jamb armor, and we focused on making it effective and making it easy to install.

“We wanted to make it as effective as possible and easy as possible to install, without the need to remove locks, plates, hinges or cut trim,” he said.

Crime statistics show that 85% of intruders break in by kicking in one of the doors. Young hopes his product can address the inherent weakness many doors have.

The installation is done with a drill and screws, and it’s designed to blend into the design of the door – Young is a former house flipper so he has an awareness of aesthetics.

“It’s got to look nice or people won’t want it on there,” he said.

As far as effectiveness, it’s been tested to the point of failure – in that the door or the lock will fail before the EZ Armor breaks.

Young is marketing the EZ Armor to investors, banks with REO inventory, and multifamily property owners and managers.

Videos of the product in use – and even more fun, of police officers trying to break down doors with the EZ Armor installed – can be viewed here.

[Disclosure: A sample of the EZ Armor was provided to HousingWire for testing. The product is no longer in the possession of HousingWire editorial.]

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