Variety is reporting that a villa estate in the Hollywood Hills believed to belong to Tom Cruise is up for sale now, and the asking price is $13 million.

A Hollywood Hills compound long believed by property gossips around the globe to be owned by Tom Cruise has discreetly popped up on the open market with an asking price of an eyelash under $13 million.

Entirely unsubstantiated rumors abound that the estate was bought as a semi-secret retreat for high-level Scientologists — there’s no evidence we’ve seen that it was — and, though we can’t confirm it, ever-in-the-know celebrity real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak says she’s 100% certain that one of Mister Cruise’s sisters lives or, until recently, lived on the property.

Zillow reports that the main house features walls of glass that offer breathtaking views and an Italian farm-style kitchen with chef-quality appliances. Wide-plank oak floors and Venetian plaster walls lend warmth to the home, which has three bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms.

(Yes, we know he wasn't in Fast & Furious.)