Fairway America announced the launch of Silverado Income Fund I, LLC's $25M fund on SBREfunds.com, a crowd-funding marketplace that focuses exclusively in the pooled real estate asset based investment space.

The recently launched SBREfunds.com platform provides accredited investors with a secure environment to network with one another through a private forum, consume educational content that teaches them about the SBRE market in general, and allows them to anonymously review and select investment opportunities presented by fund managers inside the marketplace and contact the managers directly themselves if and when they want to.

"What we've established with SBREfunds.com is an unprecedented online portal exclusively for blind pooled funds," said Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America. "We're laying the groundwork for SBREfunds.com as the number one place where SBRE entrepreneurs and fund managers have access to high-level education, information, peer feedback and other functions central to their operations, all in one place."

The principal manager of Silverado is Tea Olive Enterprises, an Oregon limited liability company owned by David Scott, who is the sole member of Tea Olive Enterprises.

"We've originated over 300 residential real estate loans in the past several years and felt it was time for us to put better capital structure around our operations," said Scott. "Fairway's complete end to end platform is a perfect fit for us to make sure we have a quality structure, proper administration, and fantastic exposure on the SBREfunds.com crowdfunding site. Fairway's fund also made an investment in our Fund which made it even nicer."

"Listing Silverado's Fund on SBREfunds.com exposes it to our growing community of investors who are learning more and more about the many and varied opportunities in the SBRE space," said Burk. "This isn't your typical crowdfunding platform. The site not only helps our clients gain more exposure to investors, but we also provide expertise in fund structure, administration and management to help ensure that the funds listed on the site are well positioned to raise capital effectively."