Quicken Loans is teaming up with award-winning country band Lady Antebellum to not only give winners a backstage pass to the band’s concert, but also win a year of relief from their mortgage payments.  

Quicken loans is famous for jumping on board with current trends, like its billion dollar bracket challenge in 2014 that gave $1 billion to the person who could accurately predict the winner of all 63 games in the college men’s basketball tournament.

While it’s not $1 billion, this sweepstakes is a lot more attainable. The 7FOR7 Sweepstakes celebrates the band’s upcoming worldwide Wheels Up 2015 Tour presented by Quicken Loans, beginning May 1 and continuing across North America through the fall.

The sweepstake is an extension of the band’s charity-focused 7FOR7 campaign.

“7FOR7 has been one of our favorite ways to connect with fans off-stage,” said Lady A’s Charles Kelley.  “Being able to keep that thread going with Quicken Loans is something we’re really excited to help make happen.  Helping a family pay their mortgage for a year is a special gift, and I hope we help change some of our fans’ lives in a real tangible way – it’s going to be a great summer!”

And for those who don’t make the cut, the band is still giving away 20 second prize winners an autographed copy of the album.