Folsom, California-based Sierra Pacific Mortgage announced it licensed Alight Mortgage Lending, a financial optimization application.

Alight is an interesting company since no one else is doing what they are doing for lenders, said an anonymous source familiar with the situation.

The product is unique because it is a forecasting model that is real time and allows for constant updating based on a number of factors, they continued.

Jared Huff, managing director of Alight Financial Services, explained that the company built the solution from the ground up to answer the specific needs of this complex industry.

“We are helping firms go beyond traditional budgeting and planning to reach a new level of performance with continuous financial optimization,” said Huff

“We have aggressive plans for continuing to grow and scale our business,” said Paul Hubbard, chief financial officer of Sierra Pacific Mortgage. “It provides a unique and powerful combination of planning, reporting, scenario analysis, cash forecasting and decision-making capabilities that will help us optimize our financial performance.”