Online mortgage lender Privlo continues to gain ground in the industry, announcing its latest expansion into New Mexico.

The Los Angeles based lender’s goal is to serve the state’s underserved retiree, self-employed and small business owner populations, who struggle to get home financing due to their complex financial histories.

This is only the latest in a string of new expansions from Privlo, most recently expanding into Texas.

At the beginning of February, the lender announced it was moving into Washington and California and has plans to be live in 21 states by the end of the year.    

Privlo’s mortgage platform takes in a wider range of credit criteria and unique documentation than traditional lenders to assess high quality borrowers with complicated incomes or financial histories.

New Mexico’s self-employed and retiree populations have surged over 40% and 30% respectively since 2000, Privlo noted.

“That’s a huge increase of people who are being left out of the state’s housing market,” said Privlo CEO Michael Slavin. “Banks still use a very narrow lens. If you’re not a W2 employee or your tax returns don’t reflect steady income, you’re out of luck. But we look beyond that and consider a wide range of alternative documentation to find highly qualified borrowers that are slipping through the cracks.”