Don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t demand for housing out there, especially in Boston.

According to a report from CNBC, a recent open house in Boston was so popular that neighbors called the police because more than 100 potential homebuyers showed up at once and blocked off the street.

From the CNBC report:

"We got shut down!!" laughed Catherine Luther, an agent with Channing Real Estate in the Boston area. "I've been in this business for 30 years, and it's never happened before."

At a Saturday open house at her listing in suburban Belmont, she had over 100 people in 45 minutes, which blocked the street. Neighbors called police, who shut down the open house. Then Luther smartly hired an off-duty officer to direct traffic the next day for the Sunday open house. The officer counted more than 150 cars. The three-bedroom colonial house went under contract three days later with more than a dozen bids.