Los Angeles-based Privlo announced it is expanding into Texas, making this the ninth state the lender is currently active in.

At the beginning of February, the lender announced it was moving into Washington and California and has plans to be live in 21 states by the end of the year.    

Privlo’s mortgage platform takes in a wider range of credit criteria and unique documentation than traditional lenders to assess high quality borrowers with complicated incomes or financial histories.

The lender’s goal is to provide new home loan options to the state’s small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, self-employed borrowers and retires who are struggling to secure financing for a home.  

“It’s not that they aren’t financially capable of buying a home. It’s that they’re up against a traditional lending system that hasn’t adapted to a changing workforce,” said Privlo CEO, Michael Slavin. “Entrepreneurial Texans are increasingly defining their own careers and we’ve developed a way to bring them back into the housing market.”

It’s a strategic expansion on Privlo’s part, with Texas boosting one of the strongest housing markets.

Texas continues to be one of the top states in median household income growth and new home sales, with the median household income of Texas homebuyers increasing 5.9% year-over-year to $97,500, the 2015 Texas Homebuyers and Sellers Report said. This is more than four times the increase in median household income among homebuyers nationally, which rose 1.4% to $84,500 during the same time frame, a recent Texas Association of Realtors report stated.