Blueberry Systems, a provider of advanced technology solutions to the mortgage banking industry, announced that Geoff Bastow joined the company as chief technology officer.

In this role, Bastow will lead software architecture, product development, as well as the integration of market needs, best practices and overall user experience for Blueberry Systems.

“Geoff brings tremendous clarity, insight, collaborative energy and mortgage DNA to our team,” said Blueberry CEO Wil Armstrong. “He’s a disruptive technology thinker who is also a champion for the borrower. He has a unique and deep understanding of the mortgage lending space as well as originators – what motivates them, what frustrates them and what allows them to win.

“He also has great familiarity with the borrower’s perspective in terms of what they want, what they fear and how they think about the process. Geoff will be a material contributor toward our mission to evolve the paradigm of the mortgage technology industry.”

Earlier in his career, Bastow co-founded Doral Systems, which became Doral USA. Bastow has also served as principal and founding chief technology officer of Mortgagebot. Under his leadership, Mortgagebot delivered numerous award-winning innovations; including the first online real-time mortgage approval with guaranteed rate, points and closing costs, as well as the first fully configurable SaaS application, origination and approval platform.

“I’m extremely honored and excited to join the highly accomplished team at Blueberry Systems,” said Bastow. “We are developing unprecedented forward-thinking initiatives that are going to radically evolve the mortgage banking loan origination market, enhance the profitability of our lender-partners while demystifying the loan process for their borrowers.”