Kofax Limited (KFX) announced the availability of the Kofax SignDoc family of e-signature solutions.  

SignDoc Standard is a stand-alone solution providing self-service capabilities, so users can design, deploy and manage custom e-signing workflows.

"Electronic signatures are finally gaining momentum — driven by simpler, more accessible, and cheaper smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen computers,” said Craig Le Clair, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. “We see a widening variety of use cases demonstrating insights that can help enterprise architects overcome adoption hurdles.”

The new solution allows users to:

  • Secure, trustworthy e-signature software that meets international regulatory requirements.
  • Workflow automation that enables e-signing to be fully integrated into existing enterprise systems and end-to-end, digital transaction management processes.
  • Ability to persist signed documents in any ECM repository using industry standard interfaces.
  • Process intelligence and visibility to ensure compliance, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Web data integration capabilities to speed and streamline digital transactions.
  • Unprecedented flexibility for customer engagements via mobile devices.