A young couple in Florida has been charged with fraud for filing a forged quit deed for a $1.1 million home, where they were squatting.

The bank only discovered this after the bank lawfully sold the foreclosed property to another couple.

And, of course, before getting caught the couple bragged about it on Facebook.

From the Florida Times-Union:

Jenna Dean’s friends were shocked when the 23-year-old wife and mother posted photos of herself and her family at their new $1,395,000, 7,000-square-feet home with the two-story Corinthian columns on 240 acres in Keystone Heights.

“It’s amazing ... way better than you made it sound!” one said. “I’m totally jealous!”

Most people would be with six bedrooms, double two-car garages, spiral staircases and a swimming pool.

“How do you guys find such amazing places?” another friend asked.

“Takes years of looking and harassing banks about their foreclosures,” Dean responded. “I should start my own business.”

The Deans twice changed the locks and photos of the family in the home’s swimming pool were posted to Jenna Dean’s Facebook page.

However, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, what it took was forgery and deceit.

Dean and her husband, Justin Kyle Dean, turned themselves in to Clay County deputies Dec. 8 on charges of unlawful filing, uttering a forged instrument and grand theft.