Hitler is not happy with his Zillow Zestimate

And he doesn’t like Al Gore’s rhythm, either

Godwin’s Law is that basically that if an argument goes on long enough, eventually someone is getting compared to Hitler, and likely not favorably.

Anyway, I now propose Godwin’s Second Law – anything popular enough on the Internet will eventually get the Downfall Treatment.

And voila, we present to you this – Zillow, meet Downfall; Downfall, Zillow.

Dirty little secret: I’ve been watching these since the pioneer days of the Internet, back when we used diesel-powered browsers and had to dodge arrows from angry Washington football team mascots.

(For those who don't know, Downfall is a serious movie about Adolf Hitler's last days in his bunker. In one scene he loses it, big time.)

The Downfall satire videos place subtitles around unrelated issues in an effort to turn the drama into comedy. It's so big, there is even a satire video about all the satire videos, when Hilter finds out about all the downfall videos in a Downfall video.

And no matter how many I see, I’m just thick-headed and immature enough that I still laugh at them.

So now, according to Godwin's Second Law, Zillow now gets its turn in the barrel.

But it’s really not a slam on Zillow.

Oh, they hit on the Zestimate problem, but the real target is people who commit the ID10t error of not reading the fine print.

And when you watch this, towards the end imagine 10,000 Realtors and real estate agents all pumping their fist in unison, because the writer of this Downfall treatment nails the “informed, Internet-empowered homebuyer” right between the Seigfried lines.

Zillow probably won’t be thrilled, but they’re not really the butt of the joke.

Hey, look at it this way – you’ve made it to the Internet big time, Zillow. Your next achievement to unlock? ZilLOLCats.

Have a look.

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