You have your new house picked out and everything sorted out for the move except for one pretty significant problem: you can’t sell your current home. An article in Aol. Real Estate came up with 10 reasons why your home isn’t selling, pinpointing anything from the timing being off to bad photos.

Chances are no one's biting because you've committed one (or more) of these mistakes. Identify which ones they are, do the work to set them right, and you could be signing on the dotted line in no time.

Here is a sneak peak to one of the 10 reasons your home is still on the market. Click the link for the rest. 

1. It’s priced way to high: No matter how much you think your home is worth, it is the market that gets to dictate how much you get. If you are priced above other houses in the local area, it will work against you.