Alleged Arkansas Realtor murderer now says CarterÕ death was an accident

Lewis claims Carter was with him willingly; that he is being set up

The man accused of the kidnapping and murder of an Arkansas Realtor now says that he is innocent and that her death was an accident, alleging that the late Beverly Carter was with him willingly at the time of her death.

In an interview with KARK4 Arkansas, Arron Michael Lewis, 33, says that he didn’t kidnap Carter, and while he declined to provide details of what happened, he says he is innocent.

“I didn’t kill her. I didn’t murder her. And any thing that did occur was an accident,” Lewis said from behind bars. “I never denied her going with me. As far as kidnapping, I never kidnaped anybody. The kidnapping is false, somebody goes with you on their own free will, they're not being kidnapped.”

Lewis is now facing capital murder charges and being held on $1 million bond.

Shortly after his arrest, Lewis virtually confessed to being party to the kidnapping, but said that an accomplice, whom he named as Trevor, was responsible for the murder.

He told reporters at the time that he targeted Carter because she was a “rich broker” and because she was a woman who worked alone.

Now he claims otherwise from his interview from last week.

“It didn’t have nothing to do with her showing the home. Just a place to meet. It wasn’t like an appointment,” Lewis claims.

On July 19, Lewis posted on his Facebook page that he got a job at Argos Cement in Cabot, Arkansas. This is the place where he allegedly buried Carter’s body in a shallow grave.

And now he claims he is being set up by police for the murder charge, because he is a convenient target.

"It's not as clean cut as they are wrapping it up to be. This woman died and had been in contact with a seven time felon so let's wrap it up all nice and neat," said Lewis.

The Carter family declined to comment.

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