It’s deadly serious and yet the butt of many jokes, including hazmat Halloween costumes and vandal graffiti.

Ebola has arrived in America, a sort of undocumented immigrant virus from Africa, and now this is going on.

Residents of a gated community in Scottsdale are upset that some aren’t taking national news about Ebola cases seriously, as vandals used red spray paint to label the entrance to the upscale neighborhood an “Ebola Quarantine Zone.”

The walled entrance to the upscale Rio Montana neighborhood was found spray-painted with the hoax health warning by residents on Tuesday morning, KPNX-TV reports. Scottsdale police are investigating the vandalism as many neighbors and the homeowners association say the Ebola warning is “not a joke” as a second hospital worker was diagnosed with the Ebola virus at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

“It’s pretty upsetting,” homeowners association president John Melling said of the message. He first saw it after a call from a neighbor and said he was disturbed by the vandals making a joke of ongoing Ebola reports in the U.S.