A 55-year-old Orange County real estate agent was attacked by a man outside a Laguna Niguel home she had listed and she was lucky to escape with moderate injuries.

Police reports say that the agent was securing the lockbox on the home when she was jumped by a man who put her in a chokehold and began punching her.

The attacker fled when she started screaming, she told police.

A local Realtor quoted in the Orange County media said that it wasn’t clear if she was targeted because she was a Realtor or just a target of opportunity, since the assailant was still at large.

Janet DePerry, a Realtor in the vicinity, posted on Facebook to warn agents holding open houses in the area of the attack to shut them down.

“Selling a house is not worth your life,” she said.

Last month Beverly Carter, an Arkansas Realtor, was targeted and kidnapped because she is a Realtor who worked alone, and five days after disappearing from a showing of a foreclosed property, her body was found in a shallow grave.

Agents and Realtors nationwide have joined in a conversation about how best to protect themselves, and whether they should be armed when working alone or in remote areas.

Months before, another Realtor in Philadelphia was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by two men, and injured when the car in which she was locked in the trunk crashed, killing innocent pedestrians.