In an unusual show of disapproval, a Wells Fargo (WFC) employee sent his complaints about the lender straight to the top of the food chain. According to an article in the Charlotte Observer, an employee sent a complaint letter to the CEO and copied thousands of co-workers on the email.

In his letter, 30-year-old Tyrel Oates tells CEO John Stumpf that Wells Fargo can be a leader in reducing income inequality in the U.S. by distributing more profits to employees.

Oates proposed that Wells Fargo give each of its roughly 263,500 employees a $10,000 raise. That, he wrote, would “show the rest of the United States, if not the world, that, yes, big corporations can have a heart other than philanthropic endeavors.”

So far, the article noted that Oates still has his job and has yet to hear back from Stumpf.