Technology has increasingly transitioned from a want to a need. But this rapid growth and dependency on technology has pushed several other industries into retirement — think Blockbuster for example. Which presents the question, what is the next great innovation that will disrupt the real estate industry? Per Entrepreneur:   

Diminishing value is something that’s been slowly creeping into the real estate industry for some time now. There’s less of a need for real estate agents who exist solely to provide consumers with information already available to them via Zillow.

But this doesn't mean the end of real estate agents, just a need for evolution.The article explains that the smart agents, the survivors, will embrace the digital advances to thrive.

What does this all mean? Simple: that the smart entrepreneur who addresses the pain points in the real estate industry and asks the age-old question “is there a better way?” just might be able to come up with an idea -- or an app -- that will help to make life easier and better, and in the process, inject real change into the real estate industry.