Put away the party favors.

Once again, ZeroHedge digs deep and finds something the MSM isn’t reporting over the sound of Champagne corks.

Those 248,000 September jobs? 230,000 of them went to workers age 55-69.

The 25-54 age range? It lost 10,000 jobs in September. Take it away, Tyler…

The further one digs into today's "blockbuster" jobs report, the uglier it gets. Because it is not only the participation rate collapse, the slide in average earnings, but, topping it all off, we just learned that the future of the US workforce is bleak. In fact, with the age of the median employed male now in their mid-40's, the US workforce has never been older. Case in point: the September data confimed that the whopping surge in jobs... was thanks to your "grandparents" those in the 55-69 age group, which comprised the vast majority of the job additions in the month, at a whopping 230K.This was the biggest monthly jobs increase in the 55 and over age group since February!

What about the prime worker demographic, those aged 25-54 and whose work output is supposed to propel the US economy forward? They lost 10,000 jobs.

Of course, don't expect any of this to be mentioned on any financial entertainment outlets: it would spoil the party of today's "surging" jobs day.

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Source: ZeroHedge