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Pacific Union Financial, LLC wants to offer the best of both worlds to its clients — a full service lender with minimal overlays combined with superior customer service.

“We have a very acute focus on our clients, and we want to offer a correspondent lending program that allows people to operate with minimal overlays allowing them more freedom to decide which borrowers they should serve ,” said Andy Peach, executive vice president and correspondent production channel manager at Pacific Union Financial.

Pacific Union is a full-service correspondent lender with deep roots in the government space. The company offers FHA, VA, Fannie/Freddie, USDA, and Jumbo products with best efforts and mandatory delivery and both delegated and non-delegated underwriting. Pacific Union primarily follows the FHA handbook and guidelines from Fannie and Freddie, adding few overlays.

“In many cases, our clients are very experienced participants in the mortgage business. We feel that they’re capable of making good credit decisions, and we want to give them the freedom and flexibility to serve their borrowers responsibly,” Peach said.

Pacific Union’s full-service platform includes traditional agency offerings and jumbo loans, but also ensures that traditional and non-traditional FHA and VA products are available. Those products can enable clients to increase their production while serving an often-neglected pool of borrowers. For example, the company is in the process of expanding manufactured housing in the FHA/VA space, Peach said.

“When you look at the FHA and VA numbers over time, it’s clear that people at the lower end of the credit score program have become underserved,” he said. “We’re giving people the freedom and opportunity to service that segment of the market where it makes sense to do so. We’re really striving to make sure we strike the right balance between consumer advocacy, loan performance, and compliance.”

Pacific Union is not only a full-service lender, including retail, wholesale and correspondent channels, but also a servicer. The company now has a servicing portfolio of $13 billion, and in the last year brought that servicing in-house.

“With the type of production mix we service, we wanted to be able to set the standard for how we handle borrowers,” Peach said. “We wanted to have full control and management to make those decisions and give the best service possible, and the best way to do that was to bring it in-house.”

Pacific Union’s senior management team was assembled with the end goal of providing exceptional customer service and value to its clients.

“We have a number of people at our company who are recognized in the industry for successfully running third-party origination programs and that’s meaningful to what we stand for and what kind of service we try to deliver,” Peach said.

Pacific Union has a team-based structure that gives clients a single-point-of-contact to manage loan transactions throughout the process, from delivery through funding.

“Our clients see the same people handling their files over and over again — there is a single person to help make sure their loans move smoothly through the system as they do business with us,” Peach said.

“Customer service is critically important to us, and we see a bigger role for Pacific Union in the future as we substantially grow our product base, sales force and customer base.”


Andy Peach is executive vice president, correspondent production channel manager at Pacific Union Financial. He has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, the majority in correspondent lending. Prior to joining Pacific Union Financial, he was with JP Morgan Chase where he managed correspondent production teams that purchased in excess of $18 billion in annual mortgage volume.

Rick Skogg,president and CEO at Pacific Union Financial,has led the growth of Pacific Union Financial, including the building of an industry leading leadership team, build-out of multiple origination channels, a mortgage servicing platform and organizational quality, compliance and efficiency initiatives. He also led organizational “turnarounds” including WJ Bradley Mortgage, ResMae Mortgage and MetLife Bank. He has led numerous initiatives regarding multi-billion dollar servicing rights  and large off-shore operations.

Barbara Sydow is senior executive vice president and head of credit policy, production and operations support at Pacific Union. Sydow has more than 34 years of operational-specific mortgage industry experience supporting large scale teams of non-sales staff in decentralized environments. Her extensive executive level experience has focused on technology implementations, efficiency improvements, scalability of customer-focused operational teams and sound operating controls.