A combination of low home prices, interest rates at near-negative levels and climbing home prices and rents means this may be a good time to become Mr. & Mrs. Roper.

After all, there are still a slew of homeowners displaced by a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy, who mostly won't be able to get a loan for a number of years due to tight credit market restrictions.

So landlording can be a profitable endeavor, but more in some areas than in others.


RealtyTrac compared the median home prices and the average rent across the country to find the most profitable places to become a landlord.


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RealtyTrac offers an interactive heat map that shows where median home prices and average rental rates make for good — and not so good — returns on rental properties. Click here to go to their page and use the heat map.

(Notably, if you're a renter in one of those areas, you might be better off buying a home there.)

To see the list of the 20 best and 20 worst markets for landlords, click below.