Mark Cuban talks housing and student loan bubbles

And 4 other things you must read right now

Billionaire Mark Cuban (who may or may not be Batman) talks about the student loan bubble, which he says will burst and end badly for colleges, just like the housing bubble. These collapses, he says, will put colleges out of business.

"It's inevitable at some point there will be a cap on student loan guarantees. And when that happens you're going to see a repeat of what we saw in the housing market: when easy credit for buying or flipping a house disappeared we saw a collapse in the price housing, and we're going to see that same collapse in the price of student tuition, and that's going to lead to colleges going out of business."

HousingWire’s favorite CNBC reporter turns her attention and her fabulous deltoids to the surge in apartment rentals, which is driven in large measure by the aforementioned student debt problem, housing affordability and tighter lending standards.

National apartment occupancy in May soared to the highest level in at least six years, according to Axiometrics, an apartment data and research company. Ninety-five percent of all units are filled, even as thousands of new units are becoming available.

"It's a pleasant surprise because it's coming at a time when new supply is flooding the market," said Stephanie McCleskey, Axiometrics' director of research. "One reason occupancy is rising is that, not only are people moving into these new units, but they're also moving into Class B units at a lower price point."

Speaking of student debt and the disparate challenges faced by black homebuyers as reported here at HousingWire, the Wall Street Journal’s blog follows on the thread, noting that student debt challenges could be hurting homeownership among blacks more than whites. 

“…the debt burden appears to be hitting black borrowers harder than whites, says a recent paper from researchers Jason Houle of Dartmouth College and Lawrence Berger of the University of Wisconsin-Madison,” writes the WSJ’s intrepid Nick Timiraos .

No one wants to do business with a company that’s not up to speed on the latest technology – connectivity, hardware, software and so on. Unless you’re buying bait or something, I guess.

Anyway, there is such a thing as being too connected and wired in. Realtor Magazine asks when too much tech hurts your relationships. Good stuff no matter what your business.

Finally, whether you’re a homebuyer, a real estate agent or just in the industry, here’s a nice little list of 10 enormously costly mistakes people make when selling homes.

Given this market, you don’t want to make any of them. 

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