A nearly $1 billion pool of mortgage servicing rights is about to hit the market. Interactive Mortgage Advisors is acting as the broker for a $994.9 million bulk servicing offering.

IMA states that the loans are newly originated with below market interest rates and that the seller is a “well-known, established mortgage company with strong financials and solid reputation.”

Fannie Mae backs the loans in the offering and the pool comes from a wide geographic dispersion. California represents the largest portion of the pool at 17%. Massachusetts is 8% of the pool and Colorado is 6.2%.

The loans carry a weighted average note rate of 4.11% and have zero delinquencies. The borrowers in portfolio carry a weighted average FICO score of 745 and the loans have a weighted average loan-to-value of 72%.

Bids for this offering are due on June 25.