Floods, fires, alien meteors, zombie apocalypses – sometimes it seems like life’s primary job is trying to kill you.

While no one gets out of this world alive, knowing where it is least dangerous to live certainly ups your chances of at least making it to the premier of the Superman vs. Batman movie in 2016, and maybe beyond that. 

The good people over at WalletHub have compiled easily the most comprehensive measure of safety issues – minus legitimate zombie concerns – and ranked every state.

“Before packing up, there are numerous factors to evaluate such as cost of living, education standards, health care quality or tax burden. But whatever one’s motivations are for moving, safety should rank among the top priorities when comparing places to live,” WalletHub said in a release.

“By safety, we’re not referring exclusively to protection from violence and crime. The term encompasses various categories, among them workplace safety, emergency preparedness, home and community stability, traffic safety and, of course, financial security,” WalletHub said.

Click the graphic to see how the methodology and criteria break out. 

They also gave us this great interactive map.



With that in mind, and in observance of National Safety Month, WalletHub has identified the Safest States to Live In.

Cick the list and see the rankings.