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No one can say why some suburbs are crime-ridden and others are safe, but one can at least know which is which.

Analyzing crime data for suburbs across the nation, Movato looked at data from the FBI’s 2012 uniform crime report, the latest available, and measured seven distinct crimes using the total reported incidents of burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, murder, rape, robbery and assault.

They weighted the results based on the incidents of these categories of crime and the degree of crime overall, along with the likelihood of being a crime victim based on incidence rates and population.

The results show these are the 10 safest suburbs in America.

10) Germantown, Tenn.

This suburb of the very unsafe city of Memphis has under 39,000 residents. Aggravated assaults were 24 of the 31 violent crimes reported in Germantown during 2012, and there were no homicides. The rest of the  654 total reported crimes were property related.

9) Cupertino, Calif.

The home to Apple, this San Jose suburb of 58,000 witnessed 855 crimes reported during 2012; 56 were violent and 797 involved property.

8) Oro Valley, Ariz.

The 41,000 inhabitants of this Tucson suburb reported an even total of 700 crimes for 2012, of which 21 were violent and 679 involved property.

7) Apex, N.C.

Apex, a suburb of Raleigh, is the second-smallest place in the 10 safest with just over 40,000 residents. Thefts were the biggest problem, representing 454 of the 590 total crimes reported, and no murders.

6) Cary, N.C.

This town of nearly 146,000 is the largest suburb of the 10 safest, and it placed ninth for both violent and property crimes per capita.

5) Newton, Mass.

This is a Boston suburb of 85,000 people that ranked 12th-safest in terms of violent crimes per capita, but third-safest when it came to property crimes per capita.

4) Dublin, Ohio

While considerably smaller than Parma (see below), Dublin’s total number of crimes in 2012 was higher at 559. It also had one murder as part of its 15 total violent crimes.

3) Parma, Ohio

The Cleveland suburb of 82,000 residents was safest in terms of property crimes per capita and had the lowest chance of crime, a seventh-safest ranking in violent crimes per capita kept it from ranking first overall.

2) Fishers, Ind.

This Indianapolis suburb of 70,000 was second-safest in terms of violent crimes per capita, fourth-safest in property crimes, and it ranked third in terms of the chance of crime

And the number one safest suburb in America is…

1) Carmel, Ind.

Carmel saw just 819 crimes in 2012, with only 11 of them violent and 808 property related. Carmel ranked first overall for the lowest number of violent crimes per capita, second-safest in terms of property crimes per capita, and had the second-lowest odds of being the victim of a crime.


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