Last week, we told you about where to move if you wanted lower taxes. In that list, Wyoming, Alaska and South Dakota ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in the lowest amount of state and local taxes per capita.

But’s newly released list of the best states for kids gave us an idea. What’s literally the best state to live in? Which state’s residents pay the least in taxes, make the most money, have the lowest levels of unemployment and are good for kids too?

And by our impenetrable scientific methodology, here’s our top 10 list of the best states to live in:

1. South Dakota

How’d we come up with South Dakota? Here’s how.

We used the list of state and local tax burdens, which measures the amount of state and local taxes paid as a percentage of total income. That list also includes the total amount paid in state and local taxes per capita. Because we’re sure that you want to pay as little in taxes as possible, right?

We also included average income, because you can’t really live without money after all. And you want to have as much money as you can, right?

And since we don’t all have family money to fall back on, you probably need to work to make that money, so we included the unemployment rates for January and February.

And because children are our future, we gave special consideration to the top 10 on CreditDonkey’s best states for kids list. That list ranks all 50 states by average child care costs, high school graduation rates and the presence of kid-friendly neighborhood amenities, like parks, recreation center, sidewalks and libraries.

We ranked each state lowest to highest in all of those categories, with the exception of income, because more money is better than less money. Next we added up all of the rankings. The lower the total means the better the state is.

For example, South Dakota ranks 3rd in percent of income paid in state and local taxes, 7th in average amount paid in state and local taxes, 18th in average income, 3rd in January unemployment, 3rd in February unemployment, and as an added bonus, it ranks 5th on the best states for kids. So that’s a total of 34 points, which ranks it number 1.

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