Real estate agents are increasingly using social media like Facebook to keep one another informed of potentially dangerous or just creepy predators posing as buyers.

CBS 5 in Arizona reported that Valley-area Realtor Hope Salas of DPR Realty was approached by a prospective buyer who really wasn’t interest in home shopping; he was interested in her feet.

"He asked me questions like - do I wear heels often," Salas told the CBS news station. "He said that most of his clients were female and that they wore high heels. He wanted to know if that was my situation."

Salas told the station she saved the text messages and shared them on a local Facebook forum, where other Realtors in the area said they, too, had been approached by the “customer” including one Realtor who said the predator kept bringing the conversation back to her feet and to foot massages.

The “customer” hasn’t broken any laws, but Realtors have been able to use social media to spread the word in the area about him among their area colleagues.

Realtors and real estate agents face a tough challenge in dealing with new clients – often meeting them in remote places and at odd hours, so safety has always been a running concern in the profession.

Another area Realtor, Lacey Washburn, warned her colleagues that they owe themselves due diligence on clients.

"You very much have to trust your instincts and intuition," said Washburn told the CBS affiliate. "If something doesn't seem right, ask questions. If responses don't make sense, it's probably best to let this one go. No sale is worth it."