M&M Mortgage Services

M&M Mortgage Services has implemented a customer-centric business model that is the foundation for long-term relationships with its clients. 

“Our customer service policy makes sure that the customer gets the attention they expect and even more, conveys a message of partnership,” said Armando Sanz, vice president of operations at M&M. “At the end of the day we’re here to provide a service.”

That service includes inspections of every type, property preservation services, REO clean out, property rehab and repair services. The company, which opened for business in Florida almost 27 years ago, now offers field servicing nationwide.

M&M services properties through a network of regional vendors that the company has chosen for their experience in the industry, Sanz said. The company scores vendors on their performance and provides systematic training that addresses specific client needs, or areas where the vendor needs improvement. 

“The vendors have to know the specific guidelines and requirements for each type of work order,” Sanz said. “For instance, the difference between an inspection for a property in foreclosure as opposed to bankruptcy. 

“Every work order is reviewed to make sure the vendors are performing their work in a timely manner and doing it to an excellent standard. We track their progress and we can tell who is performing up to par; if vendors aren’t performing to our standard we address that accordingly.”

The company’s technology platform allows vendors to load inspection results into a web portal from the field, ensuring a quicker timeline for its clients. Leveraging the rapid change in available technology for field servicing is one of the critical components of M&M’s success, according to Sanz.

“We are excited as we see the evolution of technology in areas like photo documentation and geo tracking. To be able to date and time-stamp photos gives us a foundation of quality control — it provides proof of everything we do,” he said.

Under the new compliance regulations for third-party vendors, that sort of quality control has become more critical than ever, Sanz said. Uploaded field data is checked by the company’s system and most errors or discrepancies are caught automatically. The QC process also includes a check of history files.

M&M is able to generate customized reports that are completed by an account manager and give clients extensive information on property condition (both interior and exterior), damages, missing appliances, and updates on securing procedures.

“The way data is communicated has changed so much,” Sanz said. “We can get information so much faster, and use that information to make a better experience for our clients.”

M&M has evolved its processes along with the technology, especially in the area of customer data security. “The loan number is a very important piece of information and we have so much security in place now that protects that information,” Sanz said. 

The company provides a single point of contact for its clients with the goal of making the process smoother and more efficient for them.

“One of the key points we stress is customer service — to make sure our account managers respond quickly to our clients and give them exactly what they need, within their timelines,” Sanz said.

Although the industry has seen a lot of change in recent years, Sanz said the fundamentals stay the same. 

“Our philosophy is that personalized attention, honesty and integrity are the most important values in our day-to-day operation. 

As we continue to operate under that philosophy we will continue to provide the best customer service in this field.

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