Information Management Network’s first-ever Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Conference in New York gets underway March 10 through 11, and HousingWire will be covering the conference live.

The conference, being hosted at the Marriott Downtown at 85 West Street, brings together owners and administrators of mortgage servicing rights banks, third-party servicers and nonbank financial institutions, with private equity funds, government regulators and mortgage service providers.

The focus of the conference is the trading of mortgage servicing rights, with the discussion led by key professionals involved in MSR. The industry is facing lots of legal and regulatory hurdles.

In a climate of increased regulatory burdens and continuing low-interest rates, mortgage servicing right transfers have become an increasingly important strategy for over-regulated banks, under-capitalized and opportunistic investors and servicers.

MSRs have grown into a $10 trillion market, and nonbank servicers own $1.4 trillion worth of MSRs, an increase of 69% over the past three months.

IMN said that one of the goals of the conference is to get 50-75 bank and nonbank holders of mortgage servicing rights to attend the conference who are interested in hearing more about their MSR options.

Sessions of interest include: The Non-Bank Perspective… What is your Overall Strategy?, The Latest from the CFPB and Other Regulatory and Compliance Issues you Need to be Aware of, Best Execution & Trading MSRs, Consumer & Interest Rate Modeling and MSR Hedging Strategies, Reverse Mortgage Servicing Rights.

HousingWire will be covering and live-blogging the conference. Watch here and follow @treygarrisonHW on Twitter.