As we head into the three-day weekend, we all have a dream, but some of us will be dreaming of new ways to move markets forward.

To that end, here’s a glimpse at what we’re reading that you should be as well.

(Aside from HousingWire stories, of course. You know you should be reading those. Every time you don’t an angel has its wings plucked.)

For starters, take a bearish look at the housing “recovery” courtesy the deep digging of Lance Roberts at STA Wealth. This was so good it inspired one of our ReWired blogs Friday.

Working at your peak everyday is your goal or you wouldn’t spend your spare time reading great sites like this one, and here’s a list of tips to keep your engine at top performance.

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center has put out its fiscal ranking of all 50 states, and surprise surprise, the most solvent states are generally the most economically free, while the most regulated and ones with the most subsidies are the least solvent. Freedom seems to go hand in hand with prosperity.  

We’re not going to lie, this is must read. Not even going to point to any single post – the whole Zero Hedge page should be read a couple of times a day. Tyler Durden is incredible. Once you’re a reader, you’re in the club. And you know the first rule…

What does deflation mean for the EuroZone? More to the point, are there lessons we can takeaway when we look at domestic markets? We’re still digging into this piece at the Economist but we’re liking what we’re learning.

If you want a little break from the din of the market racket without turning your brain off, Heather MacDonald has a great thinker piece on the state of humanities studies in colleges, and why the West’s cultural heritage is worth saving. (Personal bias disclosure: This recommendation comes from someone who can recite the first couple of pages from The Canterbury Tales from memory – and in Old English.)

As Stan the Man would say, Excelsior!