After the latest mortgage settlement arrived a week ago, this one involving JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and the Federal government to the tune of $13 billion, NPR asks: what have the earlier mortgage settlements done to help homeowners?

After all, there was the $25 billion agreement with five major banks and the Federal government in 2012 that was supposed to end all litigation.

The answer in digging into the 2012 settlement is that, apparently more people have been helped than some might want you to think:

The banks' compliance with the 2012 settlement is still under review, but they report that more than 600,000 borrowers have received help — representing an average of $79,742 per borrower, according to the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight.

That may not be exact, but federal monitor Joseph Smith says that it's a "significant number of people." Smith will also oversee the implementation of Tuesday's JPMorgan Chase settlement.

Not everyone has been able to stay in their homes, though: A number of people have been relieved of debt by giving up their homes.