Angela Cheek WIH

As the year 2013 races ever close to the dawn of 2014, those in the mortgage industry working on regulatory compliance edge ever closer into focus.

That places Angela Cheek both at forefront and somewhere close to center stage. As senior director and counsel for product compliance at Ellie Mae, she leads the residential mortgage industry technology provider’s tech offerings designed to aid the path to regulatory compliance: Encompass360, the Encompass Compliance Service and Mavent Expert Systems. Crucially, she is behind efforts to ensure these key products — used by financial institutions across the country — are continually updated in order to satisfy regulations at each of the local, state and federal levels.

Cheek’s recent work has been critical. She has been involved in preparing for the Truth in Lending Act and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act final rules, along with the ability-to-repay and Qualified Mortgage standards. The slew of new regulations governing mortgages and who should qualify for them go into effect next year. Her background points to a seasoned campaigner, a character well tuned to meet the challenges ahead. Cheek has been working with financial institutions for 20 years. She began her legal career specializing in compliance for financial services providers. She has served CFI ProServices (now Harland Financial Solutions of Lake Mary, Fla.) and Farleigh, Wada Witt of Portland, Ore. Her steady hand is going to be required as the industry and struggles with a new normal.

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