Toni Moss WIH

For some time, Toni Moss has been an intellectual force in the mortgage finance industry. As early as 2002, she was crying foul on the state of housing globally, saying then that it was set for implosion.

This year, she took things to another level. In February, she established the AmeriCatalyst Idea Lab, a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas. She is the CEO of AmeriCatalyst, EuroCatalyst and Lone Star Holdings. The former two are incubators and advisers of new ventures in housing finance. The latter is an intellectual property holding firm comprised of original ideas and assets in global housing finance, real estate, community development and property recycling.

More pertinent, Moss’ AmeriCatalyst Idea Lab is designed to be the fulcrum of her core belief in finding the solution to the long-term sustainability of U.S. housing finance. In 2009, she founded the now annual AmeriCatalyst conference, a well of ideas aimed at building on Moss’ principal ambition to fix the country’s housing and economic woes.

A EuroCatalyst conference and a EuropeServicing conference were similarly focused during the period up to the housing crash in 2008. She is a respected expert on issues surrounding housing finance and has been influential in helping change perspectives on the servicing side of the industry.

Indeed, she is considered responsible for the creation of Europe’s first structured covered bond, and identified as instrumental in the development of the continent’s largest and first cross-border, third-party servicer. Moss is a true source of influence for the U.S. housing economy. And a useful one.

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