Shana Lakso WIH

Now, more than even even before, verifying the details of a mortgage in default needs to be pristine. Getting it wrong, even unknowingly, is just not an option. And the big firms in the space know this. So who can they go to for assurance their default serving is spot on.

Best bet is Shana Lakso. Lakso helped their largest client ever to go live on the Equator platform in the first quarter of 2013, Fannie Mae. And she didn’t stop there. Lakso was key to onboarding another massive client, Chase.

The most impressive task Lakso accomplished, however, is one these clients won’t see. Lakso performed an analysis of the internal workings of Equator where she identified strengths and weaknesses. Shana’s analysis led to the overhaul of training initiatives company-wide, improving revenue opportunities and reducing timelines. And her influence doesn’t stop simply at this year’s accomplishments.

Currently, Lakso is a member of the team that is working on a significant update for Wells Fargo, which is on schedule for its September release, and has collaborated with several national banking clients to successfully develop the process to ensure they adhere to all requirements and successfully pass audits. Because Equator has helped these institutions process more than a million difficult loan modifications and short sales to date—thus helping many American families avoid foreclosure— Shana has played a key leadership role in the housing economy.

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