Pamela Hughes-Patenaude WIH

It is fast becoming a precious commodity, promoting political compromise as an endgame. So when an organization steps up to the plate to try to deliver some of this seldom-seen grease for the wheels, so to speak, it is worthy of note.

So it is with the Bipartisan Policy Center and bipartisanship. It is the organization’s raison d’etre, of course. And its director of housing policy takes the bull by the horns when it comes to housing. Pamela Hughes-Patenaude has been in her role at the Bipartisan Policy Center for the best part of two short years. And, at last count, she helped the nonprofit organization formed in 2007 obtain more than $4 million in grants and $100,000 in individual donations.

She also successfully led a 21-member bipartisan commission composed of former elected and appointed officials, key industry practitioners, and academics through a 16-month process of housing policy development and refinement, the Bipartisan Policy Center said. “Pam has helped to establish the BPC as a leading voice in the national housing debate,” a center spokesperson said.

“The Housing Commission’s proposal for a reformed housing finance system, released in February 2013, filled a policy void and helped to reignite momentum in Congress and among members of the Administration.” She has pedigree. President George W. Bush handpicked her to serve as assistant secretary for community planning and development at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. And she also served as state director and deputy chief of staff for Sen. Bob Smith.

The center lauds her recent efforts thus: “Pam was in charge of all phases of the BPC Housing Commission efforts from start to finish. She has been a galvanizing force throughout this discussion, working tirelessly to assure the 21-person commission came together on a consensus set of recommendations without any dissenters.”

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