According to the Credit Union Times, credit unions are not far behind the industry in deciding how to move forward with the industry shifting away from a refinancing-centric originations market. Credit unions will have to make some tough calls and lay off a significant number of existing mortgage staffers.

Pat Sherlock, president of credit union and bank finance consultancy QFS Sales Solutions in Medford, N.J., identified traits that top originators share that could help when transitioning from refinance.

The good news is that six of the traits can be developed or taught, but the bad news is that the three most unique to mortgage originators are developed early and are really not something that can be developed later, Sherlock said.

“None of these are terribly surprising,” Sherlock told the meeting “and the first six are those you might find in other sales industries. But the last three are really crucial to mortgage origination – and they can't be taught.”